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Brainstorming: Is it Worth all the Hype?

People have generally assumed that brainstorming will result in more creative output than working as an individual. Researchers claim that there is no clear indication that brainstorming on the whole result in more creative ideas being generated.

Free Education: A Valid Path to Take

Education, by producing knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes, is essential to social and human development. Free education should be a policy that is embraced by any proactive government. The benefits are tremendous.

Goal Setting Theory

In the late 1960s, Dr. Edwin Locke wrote an article that stated that clear goals and appropriate feedback are a source of motivation for employees. He added that when employees worked towards achieving a specific goal, it led to a major source of motivation within employees to attain the goal.

Apple's Growing Market

Despite the challenging economy, one company that has managed to stay on top is Apple Inc. Apple has continued to expand and grow even as other companies take a downfall.

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