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Global Control of Nuclear Technology

The United States needs to set the pace and not watch as the world turns its nuclear arsenal into a resource for life and not one of death.

Viability of Nuclear Arms

Since the mid 1940s the United States has been in a race to develop and maintain an arsenal of the deadliest form: nuclear. For the remainder of the 1940s, America had the only fully functioning device until August, 1949, when Russia entered the race with Joe 1.

Manhattan Project Essay

Several motion pictures have been released showing the different viewpoints of the Manhattan Project and its potential outcome. One such movie is Fat Man, Little Boy that followed the project from conception to completion.

Compare and Contrast: The Atomic Cafe and Original Child Bomb

The Atomic Café and Original Child Bomb contrasted the different views and effects of the atomic bomb. The Atomic Café shows how the American government led people to believe that they could survive a nuclear blast. Original Child Bomb was dramatically opposite; it shows the actual effects of a nuclear blast.

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