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The Attraction Behind Having an Online Identity

Having an internet identity is ideal for those who are afraid of being seen in a negative light. The flexibility of a self-constructed self-image is the primary benefit of this group of communicators.

Is Being Unrealistic Good for You?

The fact that much of what has been achieved in the world appears to be the result of optimism, much of which is admittedly naïve and unrealistic, influence individuals to have the mistaken belief that it works all the time.

Jealousy: Is it Still the Green Eyed Monster?

jealousy, it appears, stems largely from threats to self-esteem, threats that overpower our senses whenever someone we care deeply about seems ready to desert us for a rival.

Is there any Truth to the Catharsis Hypothesis?

Blowing off steam is said to decrease aggression but this is not the finding of recent research. Venting actually feeds the flames of revenge and anger.

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